New Best friend

There is a new book I received that has now become a new best friend while I write. It’s The Emotion Thesaurus. I’m not always digging into the book, especially when doing writing sprints. The book has extensive lists for every type of reactions, mood and feeling. I don’t necessarily use a phrase exactly fromContinue reading “New Best friend”

Happy Valentine’s Day

Just wanting to send out a quick “Happy Valentine’s Day” to everyone. If you’re like me, you don’t have a spouse or significant other as a Valentine, but I view anyone who has touched my life as a Valentine. Without all of the lovely people I get to interact daily, my life would only beContinue reading “Happy Valentine’s Day”

Recovering from Covid and Rekindling Writing

I have recovered from Covid and returned to work this past Thursday. Slept like a rock that night. Still dragging a bit with taste and smell diminished, but slowly returning. The writing rabbit whole. Well, I delved back into writing after feeling like I didn’t have the time, didn’t have anything important to say, feltContinue reading “Recovering from Covid and Rekindling Writing”