I have recovered from Covid and returned to work this past Thursday. Slept like a rock that night. Still dragging a bit with taste and smell diminished, but slowly returning. The writing rabbit whole. Well, I delved back into writing after feeling like I didn’t have the time, didn’t have anything important to say, feltContinue reading

Quarantine continues….

Day 5 Quarantine Today seems to be a fairly good day. Only a slight headache, some sinus congestion and a bit of a runny nose. Feeling creative and bored, I cross stitch. Time 18:50 I just realized I have lost my ability to taste food. At first I thought my mind was playing tricks onContinue reading “Quarantine continues….”

Covid Quarantine How it Started

Can’t get warm. I kept increasing the thermostat a few degrees at a time until the reading reached 89 degrees. Very unlike me. I am not a heat loving person. Temperature check: 99.8 fahrenheit–hummmm, not good. Placed a call into my manager and informed him of my condition. Told him I would be going forContinue reading “Covid Quarantine How it Started”

As they say, the struggle is real

Finding a muse, where is it? Thousand words be damned. This is essentially a continuation of on thousand words, only there has been a great battle between mind, soul, and pen.  In my first post, I made the claim I would work off of writing prompts to get my writing sparked. I have also mentionedContinue reading “As they say, the struggle is real”

One Thousand Words

According to the experts who are accomplished, published authors and professors to become proficient at writing, one needs or should write one thousand words a day. This advice makes perfect sense. As the saying goes, you must walk before you can run. A marathon runner doesn’t just appear the day a person puts on andContinue reading “One Thousand Words”

Eye rolls and frustration

Well today was interesting, dull and time consuming. I recently, in fact yesterday, switched internet companies because the one I had kept jacking up the price. Also, horrible customer service would be an understatement. So, I switched companies. At half the cost it was a no brainer. So I signed up with a new companyContinue reading “Eye rolls and frustration”