New Best friend

There is a new book I received that has now become a new best friend while I write. It’s The Emotion Thesaurus. I’m not always digging into the book, especially when doing writing sprints. The book has extensive lists for every type of reactions, mood and feeling. I don’t necessarily use a phrase exactly from the book, but the lists certainly help stir up extra creativity.

I have been focusing sitting down, turning on some dramatic music and just typing away for 25 minutes at a time. No more listening to the inner critic.

Revisions are for fixing. Sprints are for getting the thoughts and images out of my head.

Some of the writing high quality, while some can be, ……um…not so high quality (trying to avoid using the word garbage, but that’s really what some of it is), and other areas need tidying up. I try to just let my mind pour out on the page because I have been letting the inner voice of doubt dictate what is put onto the page.

It’s really about just getting everything writen or I don’t EVER get ANYTHING out. Smite the critic by just sitting down and writing.

Even if I don’t feel like it. And to be honest, there have been numerous times when I rolled my eyes and groaned looking at my schedule and I see it is time to write, but once I sit down and do it; I get in the zone.

I set a timer for 25 minutes so I don’t end up staring at a blank page. The timer also keeps me from allowing crazy editor mind from taking over. If I let the editor take over than almost nothing gets written.

After I getting going, I end up groaning because my timer has gone off when it’s time to stop. But it’s best to take breaks. It helps to keep the mind hungry.

Rinse and repeat. Set timer, slay the inner editor, just write. I have read this advice from authors and balked in the past. No more, because it works. It REALLY works.

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