Recovering from Covid and Rekindling Writing

I have recovered from Covid and returned to work this past Thursday. Slept like a rock that night. Still dragging a bit with taste and smell diminished, but slowly returning.

The writing rabbit whole. Well, I delved back into writing after feeling like I didn’t have the time, didn’t have anything important to say, felt that no one would be interested in what I have to say or worst of all……..people would say that my writing sucked ass. 

            I happened to be stuck in the internet vortex reading one reddit post, website or blog after another. You know, that “Oh, that link with that title looks interesting, let’s take a look, just one more site. “dun, dun, dun…… get there, read a bit, and get tempted by another link. Click. Repeat. Don’t judge, you know you have done it.

            Well, in the never-ending clicking I happened to come across someone posting information about The Artist’s Way, A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron. The author of the post described how they had started writing Morning Pages every day and it had help spark their creativity. Interest peaked.

            So, being curious, I googled the book and clicked on an Amazon link, since I am a prime member. Read a few reviews, weeding through both the good and the bad. After reading the reviews I decided to order the book.

            I am currently working my way through the book and have been doing Morning Pages consistently since I began.  I myself have been using the Leuchtturn1917 notebook

            Quick explanation of Morning Pages: 

You might need to get up a bit earlier than normal, say 30 minutes or so, and write three pages, pen and paper, just scribble down your thoughts, energy, emotions, you name it.  No editing, no neatness required, just jot down your inner most thoughts as fast as you can (at least that’s what I do before thoughts escape), and spelling doesn’t matter. 

This is done before you look at and read all your electronic gadgets.

You don’t go back and look at the pages you have written. 

If you feel like it and are self-conscious that someone will read your most inner thoughts that you keep hidden away in your mind; you can rip the pages out and shred them or set them on fire if you feel like it, just don’t burn anything else down (It’s writing, not learn how to become a pyro).

            Maybe my brain was ready for some writing, needed to be unblocked or I just needed to read what Julia Cameron had to say, but I have found that my brain has not turned off. I have had ideas running rampant since I began my morning pages. One idea after the other filling my head. 

            Part of what I have learned from the exercises…I don’t give a shit if you like what I write or not, I’m writing for me. If you happen to be entertained from what I write, then I am glad you enjoyed. Also, the more I continue to write, the more I am freeing myself from phycological constraints that have kept from writing. 

            So, will I continue with Morning Pages? That is a definite yes. Can I say I will get it done every day? Mmmmm, will do my best. 

Published by AuthorVFJames

Writer, Nurse, blogger, mother, grandmother.

4 thoughts on “Recovering from Covid and Rekindling Writing

  1. Congrats on recovering! Great to hear that you’re back to work. Don’t worry about forcing yourself to write your morning pages every day. But normal writing though, you’ve gotta keep pushing yourself on that. Take care, Victoria!

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