Quarantine continues….

Day 5 Quarantine

Today seems to be a fairly good day. Only a slight headache, some sinus congestion and a bit of a runny nose. Feeling creative and bored, I cross stitch.

Time 18:50

I just realized I have lost my ability to taste food. At first I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. Perhaps the bite sized candy bar I just ate was stale and lost its flavor. 

Try a peppermint patty, “yes, that’s going to have flavor” I think to myself.

So, I dig out a bite size peppermint patty, peel the silver wrapper open and pop the wafer in my mouth and wait. Hmmm, feels granular as it begins to dissolve in my mouth, then tingly, but absolutely no taste. Very disappointing. 

Then it hits me, “Can I smell?”

Grabbing a jar of Vicks VapoRub, I unscrew the cap, lift the lid off and stick my nose into the container then sucked in a big breath thru my nose. 

VapoRub has a strong smell to it, normally, yes. If I was actually able to smell the rub, then yes, it should have a nice strong aroma. But, NO, NOTHING!

I’m now like a bad parlor trick.

I begin to think about the effect this will have in day to day life. My heart breaks ever so slightly when I realize I will not be able to taste coffee.This is very disturbing to me. One of the best things about mornings is the beautiful aroma of coffee, second best to the lovely bold taste of that liquid that was made by the gods. I can only take solace in knowing I can get a pick me up when I have a cup in the future.

Day 6 of quarantine

Got to leave the curtains closed! 

Can barely open my eyes without experiencing stabbing pain in the front of my head. 

If only I could simply alleviate the pain by taking a drill to my forehead to create an opening to relieve the pressure. The pressure in my head convinces me that my brains have swollen two sizes too large for my skull. 

Don’t turn on the lights! That would be a laser beam of death to my achy head.

Can’t write, I’m dying under my bed covers.

Quarantine day 7

Drank a cup of hot water this morning. No, not really, but my son made me a cup of coffee and that was the immersive experience from drinking a hot cup of coffee without the ability to smell or taste.

I really hope these two senses don’t ellude me for too long.

Had a sore muscle in my back so I rubbed some Tiger Balm on my back. For those of you who have not had the joy of experiencing Tiger Balm the best way I can describe it to you would be that it is similar to Deep Heat lotion and Vicks Vaporub. The lotion heats up to penetrate deep into muscle with a strong aroma like Vick’s. 

Well, I got distracted by something shiny and turned my attention elsewhere leaving  the Tiger Balm wide open. Found one of my kittens batting at the jar with their paw as though it were a great enemy needing to be attacked. Poor kitty, the smell must be horrendous for her innocent little nose. Hopefully, I can remember in the future to say her before she is tormented by wretched smells.

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