Covid Quarantine How it Started

Can’t get warm. I kept increasing the thermostat a few degrees at a time until the reading reached 89 degrees. Very unlike me. I am not a heat loving person.

Temperature check: 99.8 fahrenheit–hummmm, not good.

Placed a call into my manager and informed him of my condition. Told him I would be going for a coronavirus test tomorrow. 

“So are you calling off for tomorrow?” he asked.

Really?! In the time of Covid-19, and I am being asked if I will be coming into work the following day when I have a low grade temp. Frankly, for me, it’s a flat out temp because I tend to run low normally. But really?! Why would someone ask such a question?

Whatever? Maybe the information just needs to sink in.

The beginning

Sleeping last night was practically impossible with the body aches that kept me awake. The searing spasmisms jumped from one joint to another like having miniature lightning bolts zapping through random areas of my body. 

Scheduling a Covid-19 test at the Quickcare down the street using the online scheduling software they had on their website I picked the earliest time slot. About an hour prior to the appointment time the facility sent out a text message with an attached registration form for preregistration. 

Next a text message was received informing me they were ready to receive me.

When I arrived at the location I got to sit for nearly half an hour before being called back into a patient room. The nurse assistant asked what my visit was for, so I proceeded to tell her my symptoms and that I came for a Covid-19 test. 

The assistant left the room and returned with the white plastic tube that contained a swab. She pulled out the swab and informed me to pull my mask down off my nose but to keep my mouth covered. The swab was gently swirled in each nare then placed back in the plastic tube and the assistant left the room with the sample. 

I sat and waited in the room listening to the door in the room next to me open and close. I could hear the doctor introduce himself and tell the patient that the results from their coronavirus test came back negative. 

‘Lucky them’ I thought. 

I could hear more chatter going on, but was preoccupied with my own concerns about my results. 

My mind swam with wonder, ‘do I have covid? How will I react if the doctor comes in and says I have covid? What he says I don’t have covid? If I don’t have coronavirus than why did i have a fever, body aches and chills”

Over all about 45 minutes past before the doctor came in, introduced himself then informed me that I tested positive for the coronavirus. 

Part of me was relieved because I felt like I was losing my mind. Then part of me began to worry; thoughts and questions swirled in my brain.

‘I need to monitor my breathing and oxygen saturations. I don’t want to get bad enough to need to be intubated. How bad will I get?’

I asked about taking aspirin because the first thing we do in the hospital is to place patients on a heparin drip due to the coagulopathy that occurs with Covid-19.

He told me that an aspirin would be a good idea. He then relayed to me that he had coronavirus the month previously and gave advice regarding making sure to eat and drink, take vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc and to perform deep breathing exercises.

Quarantine begins-day 1

Spend the day breaking the news to family and friends I have Covid-19.

Hide away in my room achy. Turn on the TV and flip through Youtube channels. Growing bored of Youtube I turn on Netflix and binge watch a show. 

This will be a breeze. Just monitor myself, get up hourly, and deep breathing exercises. No problem, right?

Well, it turns out it’s harder than it sounds. Coronavirus sucked my energy dry;just getting up to go to the bathroom turned into a chore. 

Day 2

Day 2 quarantine:

Still having body aches, throat is sore and head is throbbing. 

Had my son pick up a ‘medicine ball’ from Starbucks; the drink coated my throat like a warm blanket on a cold night. 

With not a lot of energy I binge watched a Netflix show and fell into a restless sleep for most of the day. Waking up to the occasional ding from my phone notifying me of  text messages from a friend or family member worried about my condition looking for updates.

Day 3

Day 3 quarantine:

Wake up, take a shower, get dressed. These simple actions themselves drain me of energy. Binge watch/sleep through Netflix. Rely on others to bring food and drink to the room. I’m being treated like a pirah. Everyone else in the house has tested negative for Covid-19. 

Booooo, selfishly I desired they would test positive so I wouldn’t have to rely on them to bring me food and drinks and that I could leave my room.

Needing toilet paper, my son infiltrated my room wearing a full blown gas mask to make his way through to my closet where bulk Costco items are stored. Yes, an actual World war II respirator with eye goggles circles, long nose piece with side filters; the type used to protect from mustard gas. You could hear deep breathing in and out. If he had stopped to say “Luke I am your father” it would have made my day. 

The poor dog didn’t recognize my son. He barked, growled and his hackles stood on end, the cats scattered and fled to different hiding places.

Day 4

Day 4 quarantine:

This is day 4 of quarantine and I am losing my fucking mind!

I don’t know if I can even stomach turning on the TV today. 

Pulled out some draws that were getting out of control from stuffing random objects in to avoid being turned into a play toy by the kittens. If not a play toy than a teething object. The two of them are ganging up against me! Try to move something and they dig their little claws either into the object I’m trying to organize or into me! Little buggers! 

The kittens are slowing me down. 

Not to mention one of them had a poo that stuck to her bum fur that must have annoyed her enough to drag her backside across the tile in the bathroom leaving a five inch long brown pudding like smear. 

Scooping the kitten up in one arm and turning the sink on to pour out warm water, I then grabbed a tennis ball sized wad of toilet paper, took the kitten over to the sink, drenched the toilet paper and wiped down her bum. As her bottom became soaked from the water she squirmed, clawed and screeched out a distressed kitten mew in complaint. 

Try to take a few steps and they are there under my feet tripping me up. One of them came flying out from under the bed and jammed one of their front paws right in between my big toe  and second toe. I nearly tumbled over. They’re trying to kill me! Not very wise since I  feed them.

While digging through my things I found five notebooks with notes with ideas for writing and notes on brainstorming ideas. What the fuck is wrong with me?! Why 5 notebooks! These need to be consolidated. No wonder I haven’t been able to get anywhere with my writing! It’s spread all over the place. 

*Disclaimer: to be fair; I do just grab the nearest book next to me to pour my brains out on the pages. And I fear if I spend too much time looking for a medium to write down the information I fear the idea will escape me as ideas have done in the past. 

Note to self: just bring a small notebook to write down ideas, something that will just fit in my pocket.

While organizing/cleaning my brain, I also came across numerous cross stitch projects and fabric for sewing either a project bag or quilt. Why do I have so much stuff?!!!! I must have an attention deficit and I’m just not aware. Well, guess what, self? YOU NEED TO FOCUS!  

There is no way I can get them done before quarantine is over. Not humanly possible. 

I don’t know what possessed me to even think such a thing. I’m going crazy. My sinuses are stuffed up so much I am positive my face is puffy from the pressure.

Too many shining new projects and an overabundance of hobbies and goals I would like to accomplish. Which of them to concentrate on for three months, that is what needs to occur; PICK and STICK!

Hey, that sounds like a good motto.

I should turn that into a t-shirt.

The kittens are at it again! They are attacking cords and trying to walk across my keyboard. 

Apparently the Tiger Balm I put on my back is not a deterrent. The lumbar section of my back is throbbing from spending extended time in bed watching the dummy box so I smeared some Tiger Balm on the small of my back to help relax the muscles in the area. Tiger Balm has a strong smell, I figured the savages would be repelled and leave me alone. They have a strong will. 

Now one of them is purring and rubbing their adorable fuzzy face on me while attacking the wire from my earbuds. Oh my god, she is so cute! How could I be mad at these two? She just let out a kitten trill and is snuggling up to my face, sliding herself around my neck and bumping her head on my chin. She repeats the action over and rubs her head a little more assertively each time. She bewitched me with her cuteness washing away my cranky mood from earlier. 

Out of energy….the television gets turned on.

*Sigh* 45 minutes trying to save my sanity has drained me and I have resorted back to the idiot box, bed and sleep.

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