One Thousand Words

According to the experts who are accomplished, published authors and professors to become proficient at writing, one needs or should write one thousand words a day. This advice makes perfect sense.

As the saying goes, you must walk before you can run. A marathon runner doesn’t just appear the day a person puts on and laces up a shiny new pair of runners. The runner progresses through practice, small bits of mileage in the beginning, then slowly adding more and more miles. It would be ridiculous for someone to wake up one day and run twenty-six miles without there being a high potential for injury.

One thousand words. Ha. No problem, right? Well, if you haven’t been writing in a long while, that one thousand word minimum at first seems easily obtainable, that is until you sit down for the first time to type out the words. It’s like starting a one-mile run. At first, one-mile sounds easy because—it’ s—-just —-” one”—-mile. If you haven’t run a mile in a long time, you WILL have walk periods and moments when you think it would be best to turn around. But you get through it, one step at a time.

The introvert inside me questions if I even speak one thousand words in a day. I’m sure I do, but really…? YES, one thousand words! Like Nike says-Just do it. It will pump you up! Good gravy and meatballs, I’m sounding like a cliché spaz.

Write the freaking words. It doesn’t matter how, longhand, with a pen, pencil, crayon or type it in a word doc or standing on your head. If you can’t get through one thousand words, how do you expect to grow? If you have the intention of writing a book and can’t get through the exercise of scribing down a mere one thousand words, then do you genuinely think you can accomplish writing a book?

If you really want it, you will do it.

Believe in yourself.

Happy writing.

Published by AuthorVFJames

Writer, Nurse, blogger, mother, grandmother.

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