Eye rolls and frustration

Well today was interesting, dull and time consuming. I recently, in fact yesterday, switched internet companies because the one I had kept jacking up the price. Also, horrible customer service would be an understatement.

So, I switched companies.

At half the cost it was a no brainer.

So I signed up with a new company at half the cost, no contract, all the bells and whistle‘s.

Yesterday a technician came for the installation while I was at work. My daughter was at home so she was able to allow him access to perform the installation.

So, today, I canceled the other Internet company; they shut down the Internet and when they do I discover my new installation was only Wi-Fi from my house Internet hub. There is absolutely no hard connection. My entire house is cat 5 wired it’s fairly new and not one of the jacks works. To make matters worse, I ordered phone service, yet the phone lines do not work. I was messing around with my lighting hub and thermostat hub all day until finally I clued in and thought I should try and see if my laptop will plug-in to the connection in the wall. My laptop wouldn’t get connection to the Internet through a straight cable connection. I thought maybe it was just that specific plug, so I moved to a new location; that didn’t work either, so I moved it to a third location. None of them worked! When I called up the company they tell me I will have to be charged $85 to have a new technician come in and fix what the incompetent technician did not complete. I’m not going to pay $85 for somebody else’s laziness and lack of ability to do their job. I’m not wrong here am I?

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