Hello world!

Well, hello! 

Here it goes. Baby blogger here. So please be kind. I know that there are all sorts of blogs out there to follow. Take it or leave it, I’m here to exercise……my writing—no cardio, weights, or yoga on this page.

I first started writing by journaling when I was a pipsqueak and believed the stupid little lock on my red diary would actually keep people out. HA. The joke was on me. Those fake locks wouldn’t keep a cat from opening the book. If the previous sentences didn’t, clue you in….my diary was opened and read by someone, I will not name, but let’s just say that it birthed some trust issues. 

I love writing. I can pore my brain out onto the pages.

Take two:

Journalling as an adult……

ah yes, the old saying- fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Yes, embarrassing as it is to admit it, a second person, and supposedly someone who should be trusted, yes, read my private journal. Gasp!*** Would rather be seen naked in the grocery store.

It was a journal for feelings and expression. Good gravy and meatballs! I expressed opinions that I typically suppress. Journaling was meant to be a safe zone for gushing out frustration or unspoken thoughts.

Thoughts be broken. 

Anyway, here is where I come to write. 

This blog will be for writing, not a journal. Writing is a passion, hobby, and therapy wrapped up into one. Not my only hobby, but this is the one I choose to blog. 

Blog, blog, blog. Saying it out loud three times fast sounds like a drowning frog.

The plan is to purchase a prompt writing book or use a prompt from somewhere and write the first things that come to mind in five minutes. gaaaaa, I may cheat a bit end up going longer than five minutes, but I’m in charge, so that’s ok.

I challenge myself to at minimum 3 times a week. I could make it a daily challenge, but I could easily get caught up in the rut of being disguised with myself if the goal is not met. That would snowball into shame hiding and not continuing, and WHY would I risk torturing myself? Nope, the challenge is 3 times a week.

You are more than welcome to follow along.

Now to find my props… um prompts

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Writer, Nurse, blogger, mother, grandmother.

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